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7 Figure 2021 Mastery Course


This 32-part video course will provide you with everything you need to know to start a successful internet business.

Topics covered (7 FIGURE MASTERY, 7 Figure 2021 Mastery Course):

  • Sales Funnel-The Basics
  • Setting Up Your Online Business
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • Your High Ticket Offer
  • Components Of a Sales Funnel
  • Spying On The Market
  • The CRAFT Strategy
  • Your Step By Step Guide
  • Introduction Marketing Your Offer
  • The 7 Figure Mindset
  • The Myth Of Affiliate Marketing


7 Figure 2021 Mastery Course


Every successful story always starts somewhere. You don’t just dream about it one night and expect it to happen the next morning. Everyone started off as a newbie at one point.

Starting up your own online business doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated but you need effort and persistence to crack the code and earn a 7 figure income.

If you are a so-called ‘newbie’ to Internet Marketing and you intend to set up your own online business, it is imperative that you deal with the main technicalities which are the core of your online business. This program will help any entrepreneur grow, whether you have a product to sell or no product at all (affiliate marketing).

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FX Delta 2.0

Equip yourself with these trusty secret weapons:
A spirit of relentlessness and quickness to learn.

On a daily (and nightly) basis, go learn something new; from the very basics of how to buy a domain name, to register it, to link it to a website, to build a website from scratch etc.

Learn as much as you can, wherever you can, however, you can.


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