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Get Up

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Get Up


Get that gym-grade body without having to drag your ass to the gym

Introducing Get Up, the all-in-one fitness app that helps you achieve your dream body, foster a healthier mind and build confidence — all in the comfort of your own home.


The line between work and life has never been blurrier. It’s no longer 9 to 5. You’re now forced to trade ‘me time’ for unpaid overtime (which, to put it bluntly, is robbed time).

All of a sudden, you find yourself calling off gym classes and ordering fast food you swore not to touch this year, just to make room for your precious work hours.


And let’s face it, everything about packing bags and driving to the gym is downright troublesome, especially when you’ve got a whole day of tasks and meetings ahead of you.

But what’s gonna happen to your 2021 fitness resolutions? What happened to eating healthily? What happened to living big and becoming the best version of yourself?

Remote working is a curse in disguise, invading into another part of your life — your physical and mental wellbeing. Surely, there’s gotta be a way out of this.

Get the GetUp App​

Quickly and easily achieve your dream body, foster a healthier mind, and build self-confidence in the comfort of your own home


  • Get Your Dream Body, Fast.

    Get instant access to professional coaching videos and workout programs tailored to help you achieve your unique fitness goals, whether that’s to gain muscle, burn stubborn fat, or tone your body and accentuate your dashing figure.


  • Foster a Sharper & Healthier Mind

    Kick stress to the curb, keep depression + anxiety at bay, and feel energized throughout the day… and then sleep like a baby through the night. Get Up’s workout programs to help clear your mental roadblocks and in turn, promotes a healthy mind.


  • Enhance Your Self-Confidence

    Look and feel confident with a renewed body and mind. Become that person everyone looks up to at work and in your social circles

Get Up

“Exercise is good for your body”, they say. “Exercise is great for your mind too”, we add​

In June 2021, the John W. Brick Foundation reviewed 1,158 health studies, 89% of which demonstrated a positive association between physical activity and mental health.


Based on these findings, adopting a proper exercise routine:


  • # Alleviates depression and anxiety
  • # Lowers stress and improves mood
  • # Boosts daytime energy levels
  • # Improves memory and sleep
  • # Promotes self-confidence


And this is why Get Up was born — to help remote workers, like you, break the gruelling cycle of teleporting from bed to work desk, by bringing the gym to your home.


We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy, both physically and mentally, no matter how caught up they are at work and other life responsibilities.


If you’re someone who wants to take back the time and energy stolen from you and focus it all on your wellbeing, do yourself a favour and smash that button.



Imagine being showered with compliments and catching coworkers in giggly tête-à-têtes as you walk past them…

Imagine confidently walking up to your boss and being greeted with “Now that’s executive material right there!” (and maybe getting promoted to executive tier).

Imagine how rewarding it would be to give family and friends the best version of you…


the you that is 10x better, healthier, happier, and more confident than the you before…


Ultimately, it’s the you that you can be proud of today…

…and even more tomorrow


All these, now possible with Get Up


From laser-sharp workout programs and curated meal plans to daily challenges and habit-building tools — Get Up empowers you to achieve your fitness goals and enhance your mental health, so you can be a better person in work, family, friendship, and life from laser-sharp workout programs and curated meal plans to daily challenges and habit-building tools — Get Up empowers you to achieve your fitness goals and enhance your mental health, so you can be a better person in work, family, friendship, and life


Tailored Workout Programs​

Skip the guesswork and endless search for the right workout program. Easily find an exercise routine that is best suited for your fitness level and goals


Professional Coaching Videos​

Learn the exact steps to perform any exercise — from beginner to advanced — and maximize their results while maintaining perfect form to avoid rookie injuries


Body-Blasting Challenges​

Complete daily challenges and get that energy flowing in your body. There’s no high better than the satisfaction you feel after finishing a tight workout challenge


Hand-Curated Meal Plans​

Choose from a diverse range of meal plans curated to help you build a healthier body from within, whether you are looking to bulk up, burn fat, or sculpt your body


Fitness Pro on the Line​

Get expert advice and have all your fitness-related questions answered directly by a professional athlete and fitness guru who has coached over 1000 students.


Habit Tracking & Fitness Alerts​

Feel motivated to exercise and build healthy fitness habits with Get Up’s habit tracker and fitness alerts, designed to propel you towards your fitness goals, faster


In-Depth Performance Insights​

Find out how much and how fast you are progressing. Get Up records exercise times and provides a complete view of your workout history for easy progress tracking.


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  1. Frida G

    I found this unique app very helpful and keep me on track. Daily challenges as well as great exercises tailored to my needs.

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