ID Patron

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ID Patron


provides privacy protection to the user. The software has been designed so that even the most novice user can use the suite of tools to protect the device from all online and offline activity.

ID Patron


Generally, home users tend to be active online and professional on Skype conversations, email credentials, etc., or shopping online (login credentials, financial information, and personal information). The internet activity is stored on the hard disk without the user even being aware. They are also known as Digital Fingerprints. These digital ID pieces are a staple for privacy hackers, criminals, identity thieves, and data miners and tracking companies. Software like PC Privacy Id patron will help the user keep private information confidential. One does not need to know the username, location, or chat history of the user who accessed the internet.

PC Privacy Patron allows you to conduct deep scanning, analysis, cleaning, and data security services. This will give you a detailed report of all the data on your hard drive, and this feature lets users protect their private data. Any digital fingerprints that could reveal the user’s identity and privacy can be deleted when cleaning.

PC Privacy Idpatron license can be used on one PC device/laptop. Contact us directly through the contact form mentioned on the website if you need more than one key, bulk discount, or business version. We will be happy to assist you.

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  1. Vlad Z.

    I am very happy with this software. I have the feeling that all the confidential data on my laptop are safe.

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