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MSprout 3


Is affiliate marketing a passive income system?
The answer is “it can become very close to the idea of ​​passive income”

This coaching (MSprout 3.0) will show the easiest, fastest, and securest way to scale an affiliate business from zero to a full-time income which came very close to the idea of passive income.

After phase 2 (MSprout 3.0), you need only one hour per day to keep your business running.

The method with which I promote digital products for years

My method -MSprout 3.0 does not require any additional costs for websites or marketing

22 video tutorials in HD (118min)
There is no previous knowledge required

All content to start immediately with earning commissions

MSprout 3



Do you want to become a successful affiliate marketer? Then you have to understand the fundamental laws of marketing.
“affiliate marketing” is a confusing business, because we do not market any products… we only sell them! What we really market are needs, dreams, and goals (another definition would be life improvements). Then we offer a product like some kind of tool to reach them.

Watch for example some toothbrush commercials and you will see “They don’t focus on the toothbrush” You’ll see more healthy teeth in these commercials than the product itself because they want to sell you healthy teeth, and finally, they offer you a tool to reach this goal.
This also results in another effect… Think about how much you would pay for healthy teeth. Certainly, more than you would be paying for a toothbrush, right? So after all, this type of marketing also influences the customer’s price perception.

This is only one example of how fundamental laws of marketing work. A lot of people fail with affiliate marketing because they don’t understand these psychological principles. The truth is, many affiliates out there has no idea about the psychological aspect of marketing. But only those who know and use these psychological laws will become successful advertisers.
This business also gets often associated with passive income, but affiliate marketing gets only passive when you start to promote products via paid ads. Most people, like me in the early days, enter this business with empty pockets, so they don’t have money to advertise via paid ads.

I started by promoting digital products for FREE via social media platforms. And today I realize that my success in the field of paid advertising is based on the fact that I had started at this bottom. Maybe you know the quote “to get to the top, you have to start from the bottom” After my long journey in the field of affiliate marketing, I know what this means. “If you want to start a successful business, you have to build it from the ground!”

MSprout 3.0


Placing advertisements often looks so easy… one click here, one-click there… Then the campaign is online and reaches thousands of people. It looks only easy because the important work remains hidden.

I have learned how to advertise products the hard way. I had to focus on the quality of my advertising methods to generate more sales. Because when it comes to free social media advertising then quality, not quantity, is the key to success.

Finally, after I had generated constant sales with free social media marketing, I started to reinvest these profits into paid advertising campaigns to create something that comes very close to the idea of passive income. It took me a long time to get to the point where I’m today and I have to admit that I made a lot of mistakes.

Therefore, today I would like to give everyone who wants to deal with the topic of affiliate marketing a clear step-by-step guide (MSprout 3.0) to success. The affiliate marketing methods which I will show you are risk-free because we will start with FREE social media marketing.

So even when it comes to starting with the topic of paid advertising, we will only reinvest some of the profits which we had already made via free marketing methods. In other words, I will teach you how to scale an online affiliate business up from zero.


In the first step of MSprout 3.0, I will show you all my tricks and methods to promote digital products for free via social media networks. In this step, you will generate your first earnings and learn more about the psychological aspect of successful advertising.

In the second step of MSprout 3.0, we start to reinvest this “free” earned money according to a fixed mathematical distribution to enter the level of professional paid advertising. Because finally, we want to build a highly scalable affiliate business that comes as close as possible to the idea of passive income.

So long story short, is affiliate marketing a passive income system? The answer is “it can become very close to the idea of passive income” And I want to offer you the fastest and easiest way to reach this goal. I will show you everything step by step and you just have to copy what I’m doing. What you need is only a computer or laptop and access to the internet and MSprout 3.0.

So in my video instruction, I show you step by step what you have to do, you just have to copy my actions. Everyone can do that, there are no advanced computer skills required. I want to share my knowledge about affiliate marketing with you because I would have been happy if someone had offered me all this knowledge in the past.

Finally, I want to make it possible for everyone to become a successful affiliate marketer. That’s because I know what working 9 to 5 means… How it is to feel trapped in a job that gives you no pleasure and no perspective. Unfortunately, I also found out what bullying at work means… So I thank god that I was able to leave all this behind me and want to help everyone out there who is in a similar situation.

Finally, I was able to realize my dream. So now it’s time for me to give something back.
A famous quote from Jesse Owens was “You only need one chance to succeed”
Now I ask you, do you want to change your life? YES or NO?
If YES… then here it is! I offer you the chance to get the same results as me

MSprout 3.0


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