Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Made Easy

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Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Made Easy

Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Made Easy – is the best way to monitor your servers, websites, SSL certificates and cron jobs. It’s easy to set up, affordable and works with any server or website.

Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Made Easy

Power-Packed With Features

Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Made Easy – is a web-based service for monitoring the status of your website or server, the uptime, and the quality of service. Accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

Website and Server Monitoring You Can Trust

Manage your website, server, and port uptime easily with our online service. Pinghut will give you peace of mind, knowing your website or server is always up and running.

Stop wasting time on cron jobs

With our CRON monitoring service, you can rest easy knowing your jobs are running. We’ll keep an eye on them and let you know if something is wrong!

Share your status pages with customers or partners

Display your uptime stats beautifully and at all times. Share your page with customers or partners, and you will have a profitable business for years to come!

Run your business with peace of mind

When your monitors go offline, you get instant notifications via email, SMS, or Webhooks so that you can take the proper steps. Pinghut makes sure web servers stay up and keep customers happy so they don’t leave for rival businesses!

Makes Your Life Easier

You have enough on your hands. You don’t need to worry about keeping track of what was done and whether it has been successful, too.

Pinghut Uptime Monitoring Made Easy

Multiple Locations: With our monitoring, we can check your monitors from multiple locations around the world.

Custom HTTP requests: Request method, request body, basic auth & custom request headers.

Check SSL validity: We keep track of your SSL certificates and inform you when there’s any change.

Instant Notifications: When one of your services goes down, you’ll receive instant notifications from us.

Projects: Categorize your websites, API’s or other services. We make it easy to keep everything in order.

Custom domains: Connect your domain or use our predefined domains for the status pages.

Ping Your Site From Anywhere

Say goodbye to worries of lost revenue from downtime. Pinghut is a service that alerts you when your website or server has an issue and allows you to see the status for yourself right from your dashboard.

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  1. Frank S.

    The pricing is reasonable for Pinghut, a catchy name too. I like that you guys monitor APIs and can take pings from multiple locations. Very helpful for CDN and issue detection across the network.

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