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The Coach

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The Coach


About this course

Become A Fitness Coach: Create Muscle Growth & Strength Workouts, Build A Fitness Training Business & Be A Health Expert!

The Coach course Description

Learn How To Become A Gym Workout Trainer / Fitness Coach And Grow Your Fitness Coaching Business!

Hi, I’m Norbert Simonis fitness coach and certified nutritionist. My “Fitness Trainer Certification” is designed for anyone who wants to coach others about gym workouts – be it for bodybuilding, strength training or muscle growth.

In this course The Coach, I will take you through the process of becoming a fitness expert step by step. You will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of good training programs and how to design your very own for you or your clients.
Researching and gathering all the knowledge you need to coach others takes a lot of time, so I created this course as a complete program to teach you everything there is to know about the three pillars of a good gym workout:
– Weight training (muscle groups, exercises, workout routines etc.)
– Nutrition (calories, macronutrients, supplements etc.)
– Recovery (deloads, rest, sleep etc.)

The Coach


Your clear step-by-step guide to successful personal training without struggle.

With a rising interest in achieving healthier lifestyles, due in part to greater awareness about the obesity and chronic disease epidemics, more people are being drawn to careers in health and fitness. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, between 2012 and 2022, employment in the field is expected to increase by 13%. If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, here are a few steps to make the process seamless.



Here is what’s inside the program The Coach:

Human Anatomy

  • The Major Muscle Groups Explained (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Abs etc.)
  • ​The Different Types Of Muscle Fibers
  • ​How Muscles Contract & What Makes Them Grow
  • ​Muscle Agonists & Antagonists

Client Assessment (Determine Strength & Fitness Levels)

  • The Client Interview
  • ​Fitness Assessment
  • ​Estimating 1 Rep Max Strength

Workout Design

  • What Are The Best Exercises For Muscle Growth?
  • ​In Which Order Should You Do Them?
  • ​How Many Repetitions And Sets?
  • ​How Often Should You Train Per Week?
  • ​How Much Rest Between Sets & Exercises?

Sample Workouts

  • How To Warm Up Correctly Before Lifting Weights
  • ​3-Day Beginner Routine
  • ​4-Day Intermediate Routine
  • ​5-Day Advanced Routine

Exercise Videos (Learn Proper Form)

  • Bench Press
  • ​Deadlift
  • ​Squats
  • ​Overhead Press
  • ​Bicep Curls
  • ​Lat Pull-Downs
  • ​Barbell Rows
  • ​Cable Rows
  • ​And Many More


  • How Many Calories Should You Eat For Muscle Growth?
  • ​How Much Protein, Fat & Carbs?
  • ​The Perfect Pre- & Post-Workout Meal
  • ​The Right Supplements (And Which Are A Waste Of Money)


In this course, The Coach will give you all the tools you need to help others achieve their fitness goals, be it to build muscle lose fat or simply live a more active life. If you want to build up your online fitness coaching business, be it online or in person, it’s important you equip yourself with the knowledge of how to correctly work with your students and understanding their pain points.
The fitness coach course is designed to develop both your personal and professional life. That means it’s not just for professionals but also for beginners who want to improve their own fitness level. You don’t have to have to be a personal fitness trainer or have any students yet and all you need is an interest in fitness to get started.
The program – The Coach is made up of multiple downloadable worksheets, eBooks and other printable resources. If you sign up you get access to all of them so you can study anywhere and at any time.
So If You Want To Coach Others And Make Fitness Your Career, This Is The Right Course For You!
What you’ll learn with The Coach
  • Coach others with gym workouts & strength training
  • ​Create individual workouts and exercise programs
  • Set up bodybuilding diets
  • Know correct movement form for the most important exercises
  • ​Build and grow a coaching business (online or in-person)

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Willingness to help and motivate others to exercise
  • ​Passion for fitness

Who this course – The Coach is for:

  • Anyone interested in coaching others
  • ​Anyone wanting to learn how to design gym/fitness workouts
  • ​Anyone wanting to grow their (online) fitness business


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  1. Noah

    Enjoyed the training so much. Lots of additional info about anatomy, nutrition… all you need to become a fitness coach

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