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The Finest Music

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The Finest Music



A guide on how to use facebook´s Ads Manager for Instagram advertising to push the individual Spotify profile & playlists cost-effectively.

  • the video contains proven actions for marketing strategies for Instagram
  • after the successful coaching, the customer should be able to create cost-effective ads
  • the goal is to generate over 100 (real) clicks and over 50 (real) followers on Spotify with only 1 € per campaign and day!
  • The Finest Music length: 18.11 minutes

The Finest Music


Do you want to participate in our knowledge about online music marketing and also suggest your tracks for our playlists?


THE.FINEST.MUSIC. shares knowledge in online music marketing and is a distinguished playlist curator mainly on Spotify. Each playlist has been built up continuously over a long period of time and is updated daily.

We do not participate in any form of payola, the service for our Spotify playlists does not include any guaranteed placement for your submission.



1 review for The Finest Music

  1. Mary B.

    Super video coaching program

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