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The Music Production Guide


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Hi, I’m Trenox, a music producer from Germany. I wrote this book, to sum up, all my knowledge in music production I gathered over the last years. From mixing overmastering, releasing, even marketing these 34 pages of PDF contain the knowledge I needed to jump from producing music as a hobby to making money with my professional sounding music. I hope it will help you to level up your career. Below there is a summary of its content.

The Music Production Guide


CONTENT OF The Music Production Guide:


General information

  • What is this book about?
  • What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

  • Which free plugins should I get?
  • Which plugins should I pay for?
  • What are the single plugins used for?



  • How to EQ – basic laws, explanation and proper examples for the instruments
  • How to use reverb
  • How to use delay
  • How to sidechain
  • How to use mixer buses
  • How to use mixing-chains
  • How to mix a piano
  • How to mix leads
  • How to mix bass
  • How to mix vocals
  • Much more

  • Which are the right export settings
  • Which is the right file type?

  • Why should I master my song?
  • How can I master my song (simple mastering chain)?
  • Alternatives to self-made mastering
Marketing & Playlisting

  • Where to advertise
  • Why should I get on Playlists?
  • How to get on playlists?
  • Which platforms are useful?


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  1. Harper D.

    Before reading the ebook, I knew the basics of FL Studio. Now I produce expert sounding songs and make some cash, too.

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