Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick

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Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick

90 litres of Fiji water would cost around $300… the Water Stick (Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick) is on sale for just $14.87 and will give you all the benefits, with practically zero waste and at a tiny fraction of the cost.


How to use the Water Stick – Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick:


It’s easy to make healthy ionized alkaline water at home! Before using, put the stick in a clean bottle filled halfway with tap or bottled water. Shake for 30 seconds and empty the water. This removes excess loose minerals. Repeat 2 more times. After that, drop a Water Stick into your favourite water bottle. Shake for 30 seconds, wait 15-20 minutes, and then enjoy! Use 1 stick for a 16-ounce bottle… and you can leave the stick in the water for longer if you’d like more vital ionized water. When not in use, store the Water Stick in its plastic tube.



Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick


All the Benefits of Artesianal Well Water… At Pennies Per Liter!

Water is critical to our health… But most of us are either drinking tap water full of chemicals or paying way too much for bottled water. It’s not that bottled water isn’t good… artisanal water is actually perfect for you!

There are three main benefits of drinking this sort of water – Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick:

  1. Alkaline ph. Our modern diet (coffee, alcohol, processed foods, and sugars) contributes to our bodies becoming too acidic. Excess acid in your body can lead to weight gain, skin problems, weak bones, gut problems, exhaustion, and dental problems. Over time, it can lead to chronic digestive issues, osteoporosis, kidney stones, a weak immune system, arthritis, heart problems, and even cancer. Drinking water with an Alkaline ph helps balance out the acid in your system, preventing these problems and enhancing hydration. Ionized Alkaline water also binds to toxins, helping your body eliminate them.


  1. Increased mineral content. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other critical minerals contribute to bone health, good sleep, improved mood, and overall health. When you’re deficient in these critical minerals, it can lead to cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, insomnia, muscle cramps, digestive issues, and brittle bones. Drinking water that contains these minerals refreshes and nourishes your body!


  1. No harmful chemicals. Tap water contains added chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. In addition to this, it’s often full of toxins like heavy metals (including lead and cadmium), pesticides, and even pharmaceutical drugs. Over the years, heavy metals can build up inside your body and cause serious harm. Mercury, lead, and cadmium are all highly toxic and they accumulate in your brain. Some of these toxins have been linked to autism. Pesticides and herbicides are often found in drinking water, and pharmaceutical drugs in tap water can cause problems like early puberty. The Water Stick addresses all 3 of these issues and gives you sparkling clean, alkaline water infused with minerals, right in your own home!


The downside to bottled artisanal water? First of all, the expense! For good alkaline water, you can easily pay $3.00 or more per litre… some cost much more than that! And in addition, all those plastic bottles end up in landfill… not only is it a waste, it’s also terrible for our environment.

That’s where the Water Stick (Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick) comes in

This simple device has revolutionized water. With the Water Stick, you get all the benefits of alkaline, artisanal water… but for pennies per litre! The Water Stick filters impurities and chemicals out of your tap water. It also ionizes your water, giving it a health-enhancing alkaline ph. In addition to all of that, the Water Stick infuses your water with over 10 vital minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

And the best part is, a single Water Stick will produce around 90 litres of safe, healthy, enhanced water… while sparing the earth hundreds of plastic bottles and saving YOU hundreds of dollars!


Take the Water Stick (Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick) with you when you travel…

Unlike bulky home water filtering systems, the Water Stick is completely portable. Take it with you when you travel, and never drink hotel tap water again!

Use the Water Stick (Alkaline Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick) to purify your pet’s water…
Dogs and cats can develop kidney problems when they don’t drink enough water. In addition, they are particularly susceptible to chemicals in their water. Use the Water Stick to purify your pet’s water and keep your fur babies healthy!

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  1. Ryan & Barb

    We are very happy having bought these water sticks. So fed up with buying bottled water. And this solution is perfect for my family. Even our kids love to drink tap water now! I can just highly recommend it!!

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