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Back Pain SOS

Back Pain SOS is accessible in full 1080p HD digital format so you can access it whenever is most convenient for you.

Back Pain SOS is designed so that once you have it in your hands, you could say goodbye to back pain forever… right in the comfort of your own home…

Without seeing one more specialist… or getting on another frustrating waitlist…

Without getting one more dangerous prescription… or being subjected to painful injections.

And without spending another dime on an insurance copay or deductible.

The Symptom Checker will actually walk you through a customized plan… even if you’re suffering from a Herniated Disk or Sciatica.

There’s even a path if you’ve suffered a Fractured vertebra or if Prosthetics are complicating your back health.

In other words, no matter the severity of your back pain…

No matter the cause of your back pain…

No matter your condition…

There is a customized, personalized, step-by-step process that will gently walk you through the steps to take at home…

To finally get you the relief you so desperately need, want, and deserve.

Back Pain SOS


This Ancient “Poop Protocol”
Unlocks the Secret to
Erasing Years of Back Pain…
In Just 90 Seconds


PROVEN EFFECTIVE: For Olympic Weightlifters,
Black Belt Martial Artists, & Special Ops Warriors…

And thousands of everyday citizens
Struggling with chronic back pain, sciatica, and herniated disks

The Safety, Convenience, & Comfort of Your Own Home

Become pain-free in the comfort of your own home… or anywhere you travel in the world!

Now, before I tell you everything you get when you order the Back Pain SOS, you need to understand that this is far more than a “collection” of random stretches, movements, or poses.

Virgil’s entire approach is based on a progression he calls the “Sequential Oxygen System” or SOS SYSTEM for short.

The SOS SYSTEM is designed to systematically and progressively unlock and open up hypoxic cells to more and more oxygen… sequentially.

You see, if you perform “back stretches” in any random order… you can miss out on the full benefit of them…

And in some instances, if your body isn’t ready for them… certain stretches can actually do more harm than good.

So when you invest in your pain-free back today, you’re investing in a system that has been perfectly formulated to progressively increases circulation, starting in the Sacral Plexus… then extending ALL OVER your back… radically reducing your pain.

But it starts in the one place that matters most: the Sacral Plexus, your holy bone.

The very first sequence you’ll encounter inside Back Pain SOS is a 5 Move sequence that starts with “The Himalayan King.”

Here’s How To Perform the “Himalayan King”

The “Himalayan King” is a type of squat that everyone I’ve worked with has eventually been able to do.

Reduced inflammation RELIEVES the pressure on sensitive nerves in your Sacral Plexus… reducing your pain.

Now, this is THE MOST POWERFUL 4-Dimensional stretch Virgil knows of…

It’s so life-restoring for your Sacral Plexus, which is why it’s the very first of 5 sequential movements inside Back Pain SOS.

Movement #2 is called “Ninja in the Grass,”

… A movement that takes the SOS System to a whole new level.

This move is a tightly-guarded secret of one of the most private martial arts: Ninjutsu.

This movement is specifically performed for recovery and maintaining flexibility.

As a black belt in Ninjutsu, Virgil “borrowed” this secret Ninja move… so you too could learn the back recovery stretch Ninjas use…

To combat hypoxia… supplying fresh oxygen to their Sacral Plexus… so they can keep their backs flexible… even bendable.

With Ninja in the Grass… your back will glean massive benefit from this oxygen-saturating 4-Dimensional stretch.

And like all these movements, the more consistently you do them… the more transformative your progress will be… because you’re teaching your body a whole new collection of muscle memory.

And the more permanent your freedom from back pain.

the 3rd Movement is called “4 on the Floor.”

It’s the one movement in this sequence that will require a tool.

You can start out with a simple tennis ball…

But I’ll show you the exact product I recommend on Amazon. It’s only $7… it can be at your house in 2 days…

And there’s a very significant reason this specific ball is the perfect configuration for “Four on the Floor”.

Here’s why.

You have 4 very specific nerves going through openings in your sacrum.

Virgil calls them the “Priest Nerves” in the temple of your Holy Bone.

And in 99 out of 100 cases Virgil deals with, your “Priest Nerves” are the 4 nerves suffering the MOST from massive compaction.

“Four on The Floor” laser-targets these 4 Priest Nerves

By using an ancient acupressure technique to target this area, you’ll be supporting your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

You’ll be flushing out toxins… decreasing inflammation… and refreshing the oxygen supply to your soft tissue.

Remember, inflammation and hypoxia in your Sacral Plexus translates to pain, discomfort, and swelling both in your upper back, your neck, and even down into your legs.

The Sequential Oxygen System… is truly priority #1 for your Sacral Plexus.

Now, this movement will allow your Sacral Plexus to FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief…

I bet you can’t wait for that moment to feel your back pain… disappear…

Now, this movement’s place in this sequence is hugely important.

Because if you did this pose out of order… without first opening up your sacrum with The Himalayan King and Ninja in the Grass… you could do a lot of damage.

Virgil will walk you through this simple sequence… step by step.

The next movement in the sequence is called “The Astronaut Launch”… because you’ll be assuming the pose of our NASA heroes at launch.

After the Astronaut Launch comes one more acupressure movement called

The “Backhand 3 Pointer”…


Modules Back Pain SOS:

Part 1 of Back Pain SOS is called “SOS SOLO SEQUENCE”

Part 2 of Back Pain SOS is called “SOS SOLO PARTNER SEQUENCE”

Part 3 of Back Pain SOS is called SOS




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Back Pain SOS

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  1. Michaela M.

    I was diagnosed with lumbar scoliosis. After the first session, I felt great. This helped me move again.

  2. Joanna S.

    I didn’t think I could walk without pain again as I did before the accident. Here I am, thanks!

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