Bernds German Grammar Worksheets

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Bernds German Grammar Worksheets


How Students learning German with these special German Worksheets (Bernds German Grammar Worksheets) FINALLY learn to SPEAK GERMAN!
The question is:
when are you finally going to use Bernds German Grammar Worksheets?


If you have also been looking desperately for those wonder-worksheets that will encourage your foreign language students to actively use fundamental structures in their speech, these German worksheets are probably the most brilliant thing you could find.

The folder (Bernd´s German Grammar Worksheets) really contains EVERYTHING you need as exercise material for Level A1:

Bernds German Grammar Worksheets (PDF-Download)

for German as a Foreign Language, Level A1

1) Main Folder with 180 Worksheets (PDF)

2) Instructions for Creative Exercises (PDF)

3) 28 Worksheets for Specials Contexts (PDF)

4) Answers for ALL Exercises (PDF)

5) Template for Creating your own Exercises (Word und Open Office)

7) 60-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee

Bernds German Grammar Worksheets


his folder really contains EVERYTHING you need as exercise material for Level A1.
  • German adjective declension
  • Learning and practising adjectives
  • Accusative case
  • Prepositions (accusative-, dative-, two-way-prepositions)
  • Definite pronouns (Hast du meinen Kuli? Ja, den habe ich.)
  • Question sentences
  • free sentence structure exercises
  • Indefinite pronouns
  • Conjugating verbs
  • Conjunctions (Position 0)
  • Perfect tense
  • Personal pronouns (ich, du, er/sie/es …)
  • Plurals
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Time sentences
  • separable verbs
  • numbers
As I said: even Bernd himself for the entire two months of A1 didn’t have to use any additional exercise material. The folder simply contains EVERYTHING that you need.
Bernds German Grammar Worksheets
You can quickly gain access to huge amounts of exercise material
Practice steadily, with focus and how it suits you for each German grammar point. For example, you can practice the Perfect tense with just weak verbs, then only with strong verbs and finally practice mixing both together.
Your students can busy themselves for a while with a few handouts and their other classmates as they can check themselves with answer sheets.
Your new main task in your German lessons is to foster independent learning with small groups.
Your students learn 100% authentic and immediately practical examples which will be familiar through previously learned grammar topics.
Because of the table-structure arrangement, the tasks can be cut up as you like to be used as ACTION CARDS
The cut-outs go over your students‘ German learning again! 🙂
Don’t fancy the cut-outs? Then simply leave them as they are. They work just as well if you want to save yourself the trouble.
Now for some advice: Take care that your students don’t want to simply fill in the gaps. They must recite complete sentences and write them too!
As time flies by, your student’s learning is guaranteed as they are being ACTIVE the whole time.
The ingenious design of these tasks will lead your students’ step by step towards more creativity and activity.
Your students will be pleasantly surprised by how they find themselves suddenly able to speak German so much better than students in other classes.
Everything is immediately organized for you clearly on your computer, so you can find whatever it is you’re looking for INSTANTLY
Bernds German Grammar Worksheets are solely for those,
  • who want every worksheet they’ll ever need for level A1 immediately at hand.
  • who want to introduce their students to German grammar right from the beginning (from A1!) through carefully coordinated GERMAN SPEAKING exercises.
  • who understand that, when learning to speak a language, students need clear structures in place right from the start in order to secure their learning over time.
  • who appreciate the fact that German worksheets have to offer immediately applicable, realistic and amusing phrases.
  • who want to simply stand back and instead allow their students to work together in small groups.
So if you want the simplest and most risk-free way to finally have the perfect worksheet immediately to hand, do not hesitate to get these materials.
If you order Bernds German Grammar Worksheets today, you will receive these 3 additional BONUS-Products:


Bernd´s CONTEXT-Worksheets

With these 28 additional German grammar worksheets, you have a total of over 400 grammar exercises as well as vocab lists for the key topics: “Relationships and Family”, “School”, “Clothes” and “Food.” For the “food” topic, specific vocab lists for ingredients, condiments and packaging are included.

ANSWERS for ALL the exercises

I am particularly proud of this additional bonus product, having spent most of my time in the last few months writing all the solutions for the worksheets!

Only now, as a German language learner, you can work independently at home and go over the specific topics that are most important to you! With the click of a mouse, you can check your answers immediately after you’ve completed the exercises. You should use this to your advantage!

Bernd´s Instructions for Students and Teachers

In the tutorial, Bernd explains exactly how he uses the worksheets whilst teaching. As well as offering guidance, this should provide inspiration to creatively develop the way you use the product.

Bernd´s template for your own exercises

Bernd has unquestionably accomplished a great deal. However, every teacher has different ideas on how to shape a course.

Naturally, you’ll have your own needs whilst teaching and might even have new ideas for language exercises with your German students.

Bernds German Grammar Worksheets

4 reviews for Bernds German Grammar Worksheets

  1. Paola Villavanti

    If you wanted to explain everything about Bernd’s Worksheets, it would take too much time. It would be an endless story of positive tales. It is simply fantastic!

    I used it today in a lesson today. We practiced adjective declinations with it. Through the hidden repetitions, the students were able to memorise the rules much better and found the exercises really enjoyable.

    I find that Bernd’s worksheets go excellently with Peter’s learning materials.

    I practiced finding the genders of nouns with another group, showing them a few of Peter’s pictures and then leaving them to practice with Bernd’s worksheets.

    As has been said, if you present something visually, it will be absorbed more easily and then learnt straight afterwards.

    I can happily extend my recommendation for Bernd’s Worksheets as well as Peter’s learning materials.

    Best regards to everyone!
    Paola Villavanti Tiziana from Italy

    Teacher of German as a foreign Language

  2. Elke Kikelj-Schwald

    With this package, Bernd has really hit the jackpot. To me, what’s fascinating about Bernd’s material is that it is so flexible and can be applied in so many different ways. As worksheets they are excellent and also the practice cards, which the students enthusiastically play with in a number of ways.
    Elke Kikelj-Schwald from Nüziders, Austria

    Teacher of German as a foreign Language

  3. Carina Notarnicoa

    I think that Bernd’s Worksheets are very interesting and versatile, because one can se them in so many different ways. One can simply copy the sheet and give them out to the students, or you can cut them into small cards and play games with them. There are lots of worksheets therefore many points of grammar are dealt with. This is super because with Bernd’s Worksheets I have more than enough exercises to teach level A1 with. I also think that these exercises are more interesting than the typical dialogue and role plays that we normally do with our students. For me at least, it has brought something new to the German language course.
    Carina Notarnicoa from Portugal

    Teacher of German as a foreign Language

  4. Margarete Domeier

    I love Bernd’s Worksheets. They are so practical for my lessons! I would be interested in any further installments.
    Margarete Domeier from Germany

    Teacher of German as a foreign Language

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