LOV_EX Love = Psychology

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LOV_EX Love = Psychology



The LOV_EX Love = Psychology coaching shows how to conquer the heart of a woman step by step by using psychological techniques.

The methods of the system are based on fundamental psychology and form a direct bridge between advanced psychological knowledge and pickup coachings.

LOV_EX Love = Psychology


Coaching content – LOV_EX Love = Psychology:

Chapter 1

  • How conversation differ from gender to gender
  • reconstruct thinking patterns
  • how to deal with her hormone-related mood swings
  • the difference between emotional and rational thinkers
  • the social proof phenomenon
  • logic and attraction are completely different things
  • the female urge for acceptance
  • how to trigger attraction in women
  • the dangerous friend zone

Chapter 2

  • angel and devil are in every woman
  • evolutionary aspects of partner selection
  • get her attraction through purposeful appearance
  • 3 things which a woman needs to feel attracted to a man
  • beauty attracts attention but is not enough not attraction
  • personal hygiene
  • a psychological method called human branding
  • style and clothing
  • the problem behind using wealth as bait
  • the formative influence of her father
  • true romance requires timing

LOV_EX Love = Psychology


Chapter 3

  • what pleases women and what attracts them are completely different things
  • detecting signals  – is she single or taken
  • how to find out if a woman is currently mentally, emotionally or physically driven
  • the correct handling and use of pick up lines
  • how to keep a conversation going
  • the white canvas psychology trick
  • those who love each other
  • maintain the right charisma in difficult situations
  • interpreting her body language
  • competitors and jealous behaviour

Chapter 4

  • online dating vs. real life
  • creating other perfect profile
  • profile picture psychology
  • make your profile tell a living story
  • the psychological trick to create your profile description
  • chat with a woman
  • how to make the transition from virtual to real
  • the psychological trick which I call “the wonderland trick”



Chapter 5

  • picking up a woman in real life
  • how to get her number
  • how to overcome your fears
  • the difference between picking g up a woman at night or during the day
  • how to pick up women comfortable
  • she is on her cell phone
  • my psychological trick to turn the qualification process around
  • what is there are also other people around the girl
  • a psychological trick to fool her time perception
  • end each conversation at some kind of conversational climax
  • look at the world from 3 perspectives at the same time
  • the mirroring technique
  • how to interpret her behaviour correctly
  • how to get in touch with her
  • how to make the first kiss
  • use tongue kissing as a psychological trigger
  • the exchange value
  • the powerful effect of emotional investment

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    I am more of an introvert and this guide helped me become more confident and not look so lost

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