Relationship Rewrite Method

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Relationship Rewrite Method

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to use this brand new relationship-saving, relationship-making method (Relationship Rewrite Method).

This secret works when everything else you’ve tried has failed, and failed miserably.

And like I just said, using my method won’t just help you get him or get him back…

It’ll empower you to effortlessly develop a better, more loving and WAY more intimate relationship.

Now, I know this sounds unbelievable, but it’s actually based on some cutting-edge science.

Without getting too complicated, the release of dopamine creates what’s known as a Positive Feedback Loop in his thinking.

It “lights up” the reward circuits in his brain, so every time you use my method, you’re triggering a dopamine release, developing new, stronger emotions about you and your story, which transforms the way he sees you and instantly rewrites your past relationship.

Basically, he starts to associate you with feeling good.

You’ll go from being a villain to a hero in mere seconds. Heck, you can go from being non-existent to him, to becoming the center of his universe almost instantly.

Relationship Rewrite Method


The Surprising Secret with Relationship Rewrite Method That Guarantees He’ll Never Pull Away From You Again


If you’re like most women I’ve shown this surprising secret to, you might find what I’m about to say a little hard to believe.

But I stumbled upon the hidden loophole that makes or breaks any romantic relationship, or any potential relationship.

And not knowing this relationship secret virtually guarantees that he’ll always find a reason to ignore you, or just plain shut you out, no matter how hard you try to connect with him.

Right here in this free relationship-saving article, I’m going to show you…

The Real Reason Men Pull Away & Lose Interest

And the one simple method I’ve discovered that can get through any man’s emotional armour, so he’s the one chasing you.


Even Better… You’ll Never Feel Like You’re Playing Games, and You’ll Never Have to Act in a Way That Isn’t Totally Authentic.


My name is James Bauer.

I’ve been a relationship expert for the past 11 years, specializing in teaching women how to instantly make men emotional putty in their hands.

The best part about my method is it will never even dawn on him that you’re subtly opening his heart and moulding him into the man who will passionately fight for your love.

But the instant you use my relationship secret, your words will have an almost magical effect on his emotions, revealing the valiant, loving, vulnerable man of your dreams.

In The Relationship Rewrite Method, you’ll quickly understand how to make any man want you, crave you, and secretly adore you.

Like you’re the only woman who exists in his mind.



You’ll discover the power of Reciprocity.

This concept is based on powerful clinical research that exposes the basic instinct in your man to give what he gets.

This triggers “the chase” mechanism within him, which is a BIG part of what dopamine does.

I’ll give you a crash course in the power of Storytelling.

This is one of my proprietary coaching techniques that repeatedly rekindles romances-gone-bad.

This makes him root for your relationship to succeed like he’s the leading man in YOUR romantic comedy.

I’ll reveal a sneaky tactic I call The Power of the Request.

This tactic leverages the natural wiring in your man’s brain to take ownership over your relationship, and make him attached to your future together.

Which again triggers “the chase” mechanism within him, so he’s the one pursuing you and trying to make your relationship work.

You’ll also discover the power of scarcity.

This technique shows you how to set healthy boundaries. This will intrigue, attract and hypnotize him into wanting you.

And even better, it gives YOU the healthy dose of self-esteem you deserve.

I’ll even give you a “foot in the door” strategy that makes him pay attention to you, even if he’s presently ignoring you, or has completely shut you out of his life.


4 reviews for Relationship Rewrite Method

  1. Mimi L.

    I have a first date with my ex after so long tonight so let’s follow the steps and be hopeful!

  2. Lauren B.

    His notes are fantastic! With all he’s taught me, I’ve become a brighter, more efficient, and more optimistic spouse! Thank you very much!

  3. Quinnie

    I found reading His Secret Obsession to be very enlightening in terms of better understanding my partner and overcoming many resentment struggles I had with him for what he caused to me and our marriage decades ago. I’ve found peace with his readings as well. I find his posts to be really enlightening and informative. I will be truly thankful to him for having shared his works with not only me but for all the other spouses and partners who read his pieces of works. Thanks so much for helping me restore my marriage!

  4. Daphne T

    Your His Secret Obsession course is Awesome – I’ve applied this knowledge after one day of rigorous listening, and the results are incredible! You have genuinely revived our marriage, and we are already progressing from good to great, despite the fact that it is just a fortnight later. And we both believe we have a bright future ahead of us. The best purchase I’ve ever made!!! Thank you!

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