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Your clear Step-By-Step guide (MotivatedFit) to your Dream Body without a struggle!
Hey, Coach Norbert here…
If you really want to achieve your dream body permanently and sustainably, then this page is the end of your long and painful search.
Thousands of people have already reached their dream body with the help of the MotivatedFit program and of this page. I would like to offer you not only the opportunity to get to know some of them but also to get to know them…

You get the formula for FREE!

Because the truth is…
Doing more sports & eating less (i.e. eating fewer calories) is doomed to failure.



You will get:

Flexible workout plans:
  • An easy follow a video workout plan.
  • Not only get you into shape,
  • But to get you into the best shape you can possibly be in.
  • ​Complete this program anywhere regardless of where you are.
  • ​You can work out in a gym as well.
Training videos:
  • All videos are accessible on your phone or computer.
  • ​Gain an in-depth look at all my proven techniques that have worked with every celebrity I trained.
  • ​High-quality resolution videos
  • ​Individual calorie calculation to maintain your dream body for a lifetime
Daily meal plans:
  • Provide you with the right recipes that taste good and are designed for your desired goals.
  • Comes with an affordable grocery list and shopping tips that will save you thousands in the long run.
  • ​Hacks, tricks and techniques for immediate success
  • ​Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.
Bulletproof mindset blueprint
  • Secret techniques to improve your self-discipline and self-control.
  • ​The secret is to stay motivated and ready to tackle anything.
  • ​Wake up more excited about life and no challenge will ever seem too big.
  • ​I believe that mindset is not only necessary but one of the most important aspects of the program.



Finally… A complete step-by-step blueprint for building a lean and muscular body while shredding fat. Everything is completely taken care of for you. Just lift what I tell you to lift, eat what I tell you to eat and get results… fast.

Finally…Never be confused or overwhelmed in the gym or kitchen again. Follow an extremely simple, but insanely effective system to get you absolutely SHREDDED!

Finally… All your workouts and meals planned out and listed in a step by step guide and schedule. Everything mapped out for you in a mobile portal, so you can take your workouts with you anywhere.

You Get what you Order.
That Easy!
  • Your Dream Body
  • ​Rock Solid Health
  • ​Increasing Business
  • ​Success
  • ​Clear and Strong Mind
  • ​Balance, Stress-Deletion
  • ​Life Time Lasting


When you make the choice, your dream body is no longer just a dream.
  • I made a choice.
  • A choice to change my life.
  • A choice to become stronger and healthier.
  • ​And Most importantly… A choice to be happy again.
  • ​I went on to dedicate hours and hours to study fitness and health.
  • ​With hard work and determination, I transformed my body and mind into the person you see today…
  • ​In the process, I created MotivatedFit, a community of over 115,000 people that use me as an inspiration to transform their lives… using my program.
  • ​And NOW YOU TOO can have access to this program that has helped celebrities, myself, and many many more people achieve their dream body.


1 review for MotivatedFit

  1. Tania

    I wanted in the first place to lose weight, to lose those pounds is right now only the beautiful side effect to me.

    When I look at old photos of myself, it reminds me that I don’t want to be that person again.

    Physical change is amazing, but the transformation of the mind is even greater.

    I’ve learned how to love myself and I’ve developed a good relationship with food, which seemed like something I could only ever dream of.

    It’s about changing your mindset and focusing on health, not just changing your body to look good.

    Thank you so much for the support and your amazing content that change my life in time record!

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