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SurvivalMD – What to Do When There`s No Doctor


Survival MD has one purpose, and one purpose only: to keep you and your loved ones alive until a qualified specialist can see you. And in order to do this, we pulled out all the stops.

SurvivalMD – What to Do When There`s No Doctor


Survival MD has one purpose, and one purpose only: to keep you and your loved ones alive until a qualified specialist can see you. And in order to do this, we pulled out all the stops.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

    • Got asthma or COPD? Dr. Scurtu will show you how people with respiratory disease need to prepare (one of the things you absolutely need around the house is an oximeter. And 4 other things you need to order online right away)
    • Planning for long-term medical survival? Take care of this first-even if there’s nothing wrong with your health (NASA does it to all their astronauts)
    • 4 items to stockpile (not medicine!) for someone who is wheelchair-bound. Plus: what you should do if your MS is exacerbated and there’s no doctor.
    • What if you have cardiovascular disease or peripheral vascular disease? And the dangerous warning signal that comes from your toes.
    • The two fruits people with kidney failure must absolutely avoid… at least until a dialysis machine is available.
Rub clove oil on a sore tooth for relief…
    • … and 7 other things you can do to prevent getting a deadly infection when there’s no dentist;
    • What to do when there are no antibiotics available. Yes, veterinary antibiotics can help-but how do you know the right dosage?
    • Why Augmentin may be the best antibiotic to stockpile (if you can still find it). And 6 other antibiotics that may save your life from a deadly infection (#2 is the best for pneumonia)
    • Does your medical go-bag have a fully stocked “hygiene kit”? 19 things you should hoard.
    • How to make your own toilet paper using, if you run out. (this recipe uses baby oil or lotion-and will give you a good alternative when panic buying emptied all store shelves)
How to build the ultimate medical go-bag…
    • This includes cheap alternatives if stores and pharmacies run out of the essentials. Plus: 8 medical instruments you didn’t know you needed (but surgeons keep them in their homes for an emergency). Also included: 9 things to stockpile in your bug out vehicle
    • Simple and effective first aid techniques you need to learn now (including how to treat a bullet wound). This might come in handy if there’s an economic collapse and mass social breakdown. Page 81.
    • What to do if garbage disposal services stop working. Full list of supplies you need for emergency sanitation. And how to deal with human waste so that it doesn’t become a hazard. Page 84.
Quick recipe for home-made hand sanitizer:
  •  Did you know you can make your own hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry your hands AND costs a lot less than the price-gouged versions you can find in stores? It’s easy: all you need is some aloe vera gel and 99% isopropyl alcohol. You can still buy both online, in bulk. Take 1 part aloe vera gel and mix it thoroughly with 2 parts alcohol and you’re set for a fraction of what you’d have paid even before the pandemic!
  • 4 essential medical skills for the layperson. You’ll learn how to treat mild to moderate burns; how to straighten and splint fractures; how to stop moderate bleeding; and how to take care of complex lacerations.
  • The right (and simple) way to give CPR. It’s an easy but effective system called CAB, which stands for Circulation, Airway, and Breathing. You’ll also learn basic life support-like rescue breathing, chest compressions, and basic first aid (you won’t be able to give advanced life support… but basic life support might save a life)
  • How to know within minutes whether your patient is in severe condition or it’s only something mild using the Glasgow coma score


Here’s what Survival MD is NOT:


First of all – This is NOT a medical tome. If you’re planning on becoming a doctor or a registered nurse, this is NOT for you. This is a practical, down to Earth, plain-English course on how a layman can “replace the doctor”-when there is no doctor available and you’re in a life and death situation.

Second of all – It’s NOT a book on how to treat yourself when you can easily go to your doctor. That would be plain stupid-and it would be irresponsible for me to suggest otherwise. If you’re looking for a way to stop going to the doctor when there’s nothing wrong with the healthcare system… it’s my duty to tell you that you might put your life in great danger.

Third (and frankly I don’t care if this hurts our sales)-this is one book I hope you will never need. Just like I hope you never have to shoot your gun in self-defense but it’s wise to protect yourself.





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    So good to know! Our family is not afraid anymore, just prepared in case…

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