Science of Self-Actualization by Ken Wilber

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Science of Self-Actualization by Ken Wilber


The highly acclaimed Science of Self-Actualization online course by the renowned author, and contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber is a transformative personal development training.

Ken’s groundbreaking research in the fields of human growth and potential has some truly revolutionary implications for
us all.

Thought leaders such a Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Bill Clinton, John Mackey Deepak Chopra, Alex Grey, and many others refer to him as a genius who has profoundly impacted and benefited their lives.

In this masterclass Science of Self-Actualization, we will explore the science of becoming, what the research tells us about your process of embracing the full spectrum of your potential.

The Science of Self-Actualization
The 5 Essential Truths of Your Full Potential
With Ken Wilber
In This 8-Part Training Science of Self-Actualization You Will Discover:

Truth 1: You Are Evolving
Truth 2: You Are Multi-talented
Truth 3: You Are Awakening
Truth 4: You Are Unique
Truth 5: You Are Whole

“Ken Wilber is a teacher of the teachers…” ~Marianne Williamson
“Ken Wilber is a genius… I don’t think there is a human being alive that has developed a more comprehensive theory of life, psychology & spirituality.” ~Tony Robbins

Science of Self-Actualization by Ken Wilber


The 5 Essential Truths of Your Full Potential With Author, Teacher and Philosopher Ken Wilber

In This 8-Part Training Science of Self-Actualization You Will Discover:

  • Truth 1: You Are Evolving
  • Truth 2: You Are Multi-talented
  • Truth 3: You Are Awakening
  • Truth 4: You Are Unique
  • Truth 5: You Are Whole
Groundbreaking Research:


In 1945, Abraham Maslow published a monumental study that turned the world of psychology on its head.

What his groundbreaking research discovered was that a new stage of psychological development was beginning to emerge in the general population.

The select group of men and women who had reached this stage were demonstrating new abilities, capacities, and creative intelligence, that most people simply do not have access to.

As Maslow’s research continued to unfold he noticed an unmistakable pattern begin to emerge.

He noticed that after all of the basic needs of the human being were met (survival, social, and esteem needs) a profound psychological shift began to happen within them.

They made a monumental shift from “deficiency” needs to “being” needs.
Instead of looking at life from a place of lack and insecurity, they began to see themselves, others and the world through a powerful new lens of possibility.

The focus of their lives and intrinsic motivations were now pursuing something totally different from most of the population.

They were now committed to a path of becoming all that they were capable of being. They were now embarking on the journey of Self-Actualization.

This monumental research rocked the world of psychology when it was published and was initially met with criticism and disbelief.

But as developmental researchers around the world continued, the overwhelming evidence began to mount.

Building on Maslow’s discoveries, researchers around the world from every major discipline in human development (Howard Gardner, Clare Graves, Jean Berger, Carol Gilligan, and many others) continued to observe and record the same developmental patterns.

While the evidence for Self-Actualization is fairly well known, very few people actually understand what it means, and especially how they can begin to cultivate it.

One remarkable researcher has dedicated his life to uncovering the science of human development and self-actualization. He has masterfully brought together Maslow’s research along with hundreds of other studies from around the world, into a comprehensive framework of human potential.

About Ken Wilber


Ken Wilber, renowned author, teacher and the creator of Science of Self-Actualization is one of the world’s most celebrated, authors, teachers and contemporary philosophers.

As a pioneering thought leader in developmental psychology, depth psychology, systems theory, and integrative thinking he has dedicated his life to understanding the mysteries of the human condition and bringing the transformative insights and practices of the world’s great wisdom traditions into the modern world.

Author of over 30 books, which have been translated into more than 25 languages, Ken’s revolutionary insights has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. His monumental research impacts our understanding of human psychology, medicine, politics, business and virtually every domain of human enterprise.

According to acclaimed author and democratic presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson, “Ken is a teacher of teachers”.

Renowned personal development expert Tony Robbins calls him a “genius” with “a desire to serve humanity that is virtually unmatched”.

Whole Foods founder and C.E.O, John Mackey has said, Ken’s ideas have “transformed” his life” and therefore have transformed Whole Foods Market.”

As an author Ken is best known for his books, “A Theory of Everything,” “A Brief History of Everything,” “The Spectrum of Consciousness” and his opus, “Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality.”

Referred to by some as “the Einstein of consciousness” and the “Plato of our time,” Ken is likely to be remembered alongside the great thinkers of both Eastern and Western philosophy and developmental psychology as one of the most significant thinkers who has ever lived.



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