Wealth Switch

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Wealth Switch


WEATH SWITCH – 7 days to your abundance “SWITCH”

You Were Chosen To See This Message

When You Listen To Wealth Switch Tonight…
…Don’t Be Alarmed When You Wake Up Feeling Radically Different!
Do NOT Resist Blessings Falling Into Your Lap Like…
  • ​End money worries during these uncertain times
  • ​Become the “lucky friend” who is effortlessly steered towards tremendous financial gifts
  • ​Not just survive but THRIVE during these times
  • ​Never rely on the government for help again!
  • ​Come out on the right side of this massive transfer of wealth 
  • ​PLUS – be in the fortunate position to financially help the people you love with ease!

Wealth Switch


Don’t Go Another Day Without Wealth Switch

Either you can keep doing what isn’t working…
….or you can try something new.
This is your chance to put yourself in the fortunate position to share the prosperity wealth with the people you care about.



If you order now, you will get 6 amazing gifts (audiobooks)

  1. Prosperity Now – 528 Hz “I am rich” Affirmations that go straight to your subconscious mind
  2.  Extreme Success Mantras – 7 money mantras that work fast
  3. Wealth Triggers – watch these luxury visuals at any time to raise your vibration fast
  4. Supernatural Luck – 777 Hz audio subliminal to become extremely lucky
  5. Instant Manifestor – Save this mystical “money symbol” to your computer, phone or tablet to manifest money now
  6. Evil Eye Shield – 333 Hz Evil Eye Protection Track to guard against jealous friends and neighbours


2 reviews for Wealth Switch

  1. Andrea R.

    Today is my 7. DAY and I can say that I woke up with a strong feeling that a big change is coming to my life, for good of course!

  2. Sheila T.

    I have been listening to WEALTH SWITCH all the time and have noticed that my self-esteem is returning. I was really struggling…

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