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Intuition and Sensuality Mantra

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Intuition and Sensuality Mantra



Gayatri Shakti: What it is

The energy field known as the Gayatri Shakti is the result of the union of the three energies Tejas (radiance), Yashas (victory), and Varchas (brilliance). These forces become present in you as you listen to this Gayatri mantra, and you also acquire the capacity to bestow blessings. The person getting the blessings also receives th same energy.

The 24 letters that make up the Gayatri mantra match to the 24 spinal vertebrae. Our body’s support and stability come from its backbone. Similar to this, the Gayatri mantra promotes mental and creative steadiness.


Intuition and Sensuality Mantra


Tejasvi Bhuyasau: Be dazzling, my love.

Varchaswi Bhuyasau: May you achieve greatness

Yashasvi Bhuyasau: I wish you success.


Intuition and Sensuality Mantra


Gayatri is the one who moves across the three levels of consciousness in a song-like manner, with joy, playfulness, ease, and lightness. When we “sing through” anything, it denotes that we do not find it to be a hardship. Gayatri: “Gayanti traayate iti gayatri.” The three states of consciousness — jagrut (waking), sushupt (deep sleep), and swapna (dream) — as well as the three tiers of existence —adhyatmik, adidhaivik, and adibhautik —are all impacted by the Gayatri mantra. Traya also refers to the afflictions (taapa) that have a negative impact on the body, mind, and soul: the mind is affected by negativity and unrest in the soul, whilst the body is affected by bodily ailments.

One can transcend the tapatraya’s influence and remain unaffected by simply being in the presence of the Gayatri Shakti (energy or field of vibration) created by the eternal mantra.

Intuition and Sensuality Mantra


 Contents – Intuition and Sensuality Mantra

  • A Powerful Gayatri Mantra in multiple audio formats

  • Full Mantra Duration – 50:34 Hours

  • Chant Rounds – 108

  • Purely High Quality of Audio Chants

  • Instructions to reap the highest benefits

  • Melodious and continuous recitation

  • Beautiful Gayatri Mata Posters to Print (Bonus)

  • Full pack Size – 597 MB (Digital Pack)


Every seed has the capacity to grow into a tree. Some, like the bija mantras, are known and at our disposal. Some, like the Gayatri mantra, are completely articulated, including the fruit. All of a tree’s growth may be found in a single seed. Similar to this, the Gayatri mantra’s first few words encapsulate all of creation’s potential.

Intuition and Sensuality Mantra

Before an idea can be stated verbally, it exists as an intangible vibration that is beyond mental comprehension. The mind melts and enters the meditative zone when it is unable to think. Mantras help people get into meditation by allowing them to go past their thoughts. To feel the advantages of the mantras, one does not need to comprehend their meaning. Even the sounds of sobbing or laughing, for instance, might induce a change in our consciousness. Similar to how the energy field produced by the mantras’ sound vibrations raises our awareness, enabling us to become rooted in that peaceful, pure, endless condition of our Being.

​Intuition and Sensuality Mantra

The Gayatri mantra can be used to improve memory, cognition, and sexually creative energies. A brand-new mirror has beautiful reflections, but dust builds up and requires cleaning after time. Similarly, as time passes, the people we surround ourselves with, the information we learn, and underlying inclinations influence us, and our minds get polluted. The Gayatri mantra is like a deep cleanser that helps our minds reflect reality more clearly. The inner radiance and inner power are maintained by the chant. One develops brilliance both in the internal and external realms.


Yograj Om

Yograj Om is a tantric and mystic with a mission of spreading the ancient knowledge of living a great life with the help of mantras and mystical energies.

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